Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy which can be used safely during pregnancy and labour. It is best to wait until you are 12 weeks pregnant or more before you avail of a treatment. Reflexology can help restore balance in most of the cases, treating conditions symptomatically, and alleviating and stimulating.

Reflexology treatments during your pregnancy is 
                greatly beneficial

Benefits of reflexology during Pregnancy & Labour:

  • Reduces morning sickness
  • Can bring relief from indigestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, and morning sickness
  • Regularize blood pressure
  • Helps with heartburn, backache and sciatica
  • Will help you sleep better and give you more energy
  • Prepares the body for labour by balancing the body's systems, especially the endocrine system which is responsible for the secretion of many important hormones
  • Reflexology can help induce labour naturally
  • The length of labour can be very much reduced by having regular treatments in the weeks prior to your expectant delivery date
  • Reflexology can be used during labour to help boost energy levels, aid deep muscle relaxation between contractions. It can stimulate production of natural endorphins
  • After birth Reflexology babies are very calm, suckle better and are less prone to colic.

Reflexology during labour helps mothers relax and focus her 
                energy on each contraction

Reflexology during labour

The key hormone for the onset and development of labour is oxytocin. The first secretion comes from the baby’s pituitary gland and when this crosses the placenta it activates the mother’s pituitary to respond by producing more. The mother’s oxytocin then progresses contractions and labour.

Reflexology during this phase can help to maintain the mother’s secretions and so allow labour to progress naturally and without chemical or physical intervention. Used between contractions reflexology can help to release endorphins so that the mother can actively relax and focus her energy for each contraction.


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